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This is a picture of the building that our original church wa in.

Church History

The congregation was organized as the “Church of Christ in Lorain”, officially in 1876, with its first church service being held in Edison Hall on Broadway Ave. on December 17, 1876. Sixteen members of the new congregation signed the charter. 

The first church building was erected on the north side of 5th street in 1878. It was a one-room wooden building that served the congregation for 24 years.

Our second church, which was built in 1901.

In 1901 it was replaced on the same site by what is known as the yellow brick church. This building had classrooms, a kitchen, and a dining hall as well as a sanctuary for worship. On June 24, 1924, the yellow brick church was struck by a tornado and almost entirely destroyed. They built a wooden tabernacle next to the post office on Broadway where they worshiped for 7 years.

Our current majestic and beautiful church, dedicated in 1931. We thank the builders for our inspiring place of worship!

In 1929 lots were purchased on the corner of 5th & Washington St and construction was begun on a new church building. The building that we now worship in was dedicated on Sunday, April 5, 1931. 


In 1931 the name of the congregation was changed from the Church of Christ in Lorain to the Christian Temple Disciples of Christ.


In person worship is at 10 AM EST. If you can't join us in person, please go to the Facebook or Youtube page. Links are here:

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