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We believe in living out the gospel of Jesus Christ. To do that, we strive to follow his command to love God and love our neighbors. As Disciples, we hope to be a unifying force among Christians in our community. 


We are intentional about loving our neighbors. We reach out to the community of Lorain to help those who are in need through mission. We worship together, with songs, scripture and in sermon. We serve communion every week, and open up the communion table to all.


We are a small but strong missional church in the heart of Downtown Lorain. We prefer traditional hymns and liturgy with an updated twist. We encourage you to come to church as you feel comfortable. Some people dress up and some people wear jeans and some are in between. You are welcome any way that you come.

Meet Pastor Leila!

Please click on this video! Pastor Leila will let you know a bit about our church and our commitment to live out the Gospel! 

In person worship is at 10 AM EST. If you can't join us in person, please go to the Facebook or Youtube page. Links are here:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
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